The Maryland State Horticultural Society held an exciting  Summer Tour  on July 7th, giving orchard and vegetable growers and others interested ideas on production and marketing an opportunity to gather.

Highlights will be posted soon!

Check in will start at 8:30 a.m.

Others orchards on the tour include

Mountain Valley Orchard 22541 Jefferson Blvd (MD 64) Cavetown, MD 21720


Gardenhour Orchard 22511 Gardenhour Road, Smithsburg, MD 21783

     The 2021 MSHS Summer Tour offers an opportunity to see some traditional growing methods as well as some new ideas in both fruit and vegetable production. Three farms will be visited and a variety of fruits and vegetables can be seen in the fields. Starting at 78 Acre Farm one can view new varieties of apples in production, Blueberries and grapes that are netted to lessen bird damage. Matt grows a great number of different things, Matt Harsh says “Diversity is our risk management”.

78 Acre Farm raises vegetables for Wegmans, and Matt will share why this works for them. Newer ideas on storage of crops, including a discussion on Jany Bins.

     On to Mountain Valley Orchard for a tour and lunch. This beautiful site has been in the family for several generations. The fields are full of fruit trees, and strawberry harvest was just completed. Tracy and Leroy have tried a new idea this year on planting peach trees, making use of wheat. Come see how this is done and how it might work. Visit the market for ideas on direct marketing.

     Our next stop will be at Gardenhour Orchard 22511 Gardenhour Road, Smithsburg, MD 21783. We will focus on small fruit at this stop. Looking at how Bill Gardenhour has planted his strawberries, it is his first time using a raised bed former and plastic mulch layer (check out these single pass rows), and his blueberry crop. A recent storm has provided some challenges on the farm for his bramble crop and much of his non plant infrastructure. 

     Many producers struggle finding time to take off for family time. Mary Harsh says” We try to maintain at least some balance between farm and non-farm life. But to do so we have to physically leave the farm. When I am away in the islands I can still work, but at least I can close the computer, have a drink and enjoy life a little.”

     Maybe we can all learn a little something on this tour.

Invite your friend, and growers. There is definitely something for all fruit and vegetable producers to take away from this day.


A cold lunch will be provided at Mountain Valley Orchard. Plenty of drinks will be available on the tour, as the weather may be warm.


Membership in the Maryland State Horticultural Society provides a reduced ticket fee for this event and helps fund needed research. 

Membership can be purchased as part of this program or on the Maryland State Horticultural Society website.

Maryland State Horticultural Society


Ticket costs for members are $25.00, and non- members $35.00

Young growers 6-16 are encouraged to attend at a reduced ticket cost of $10.00 and our youngest growers 5 and under are free.

To register for this event use the following link.



78 Acres Farm

Gardenhour 1.gif

Gardenhour Orchard

Vineyard at  Virginia Tech Alson H. Smith Jr. Agricultural and Research Extension Center. Section of grape of vines with plastic was used as a rain shield and yet still allow for sun exposure. This effort was to minimize ripe rot.


Crisps Pink grafted on to a G41 root stock suffered  failure due to graft incompatibility.


Woodbine Orchards is currently using a variety of detergents, soaps, and/or Milorganite hung in bags at the head of each row to manage deer.


West Oaks farm Market


Jason Murray owner of Arterra Wines shares his experieance about his vineyard and winery.

Summer Tour Gallery

This program was sponsored by Maryland State Horticultural Society, University of Maryland Extension, and University of Maryland - College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit