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Dr. Chris Walsh


​Who We Are

The Maryland State Horticultural Society is a group of commercial fruit growers who face many different production issues. Their mission is to fund research on fruit production, insect, disease, and provide educational programing to the Maryland producer.


Research and Programs

The Maryland State Horticultural Society uses the membership dues to provide grants for research projects that are designed to improve producer profitability and it supports several educational programs (Western Maryland Regional Fruit Meeting, WMREC Twilight Meeting, Summer Tour) for the Maryland grower.

Hallie Butler Van-Horn,


Butler's Orchard

Bryan Butler,

1st Vice President


Brad Miller,

2nd Vice President

Miller Farms

Bob Black,


Catoctin Mountain Orchard

Haley Sater,


University of Maryland Extension

Wicomico County Office

Board members are 

Paul Jackson,

Emily's Produce

Stephen Milburn,

Milburn Orchard

Daniel Heyser,

Heyser Farms

Stephen Blades,

Blades Orchard


The Society is governed by Maryland producers, University of Maryland and University of Maryland Extension researchers. 



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